With more than 20 years of experience in developing application specific test solutions for MEMS and semiconductor devices Afore offers wafer and frame probing stations suitable for R&D, wafer sort and final test.

Mems Sensor Testing
Afore test handler and wafer probing solutions offer a wide range of stimuli to create accurate and repeatable conditions for MEMS devices like low-g accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure, vacuum, and other environmental sensors.
Wafer and Frame Probing Stations
Our wafer lever probing platforms AIOLOS and KRONOS allow test and calibration of devices at wafer and frame level, providing real physical stimulus for all levels of MEMS sensors.
Vacuum and Pressure Sensor Test System
The AIOLOSBP  is designed for test and calibration of barometric pressure and other environmental sensors. 
Multi Purpose Wafer Probe System
The AIOLOS MPP provides a cost effective and flexible solution for wafer and frame level testing of a wide range of semiconductor devices. Compatable with our MSU10 magnetic stimulus unit.
Accelerometer and Gyroscope Wafer Prober
The KRONOS system combines full wafer and frame probing capabilities within a dual axis rate table for test and calibration of inertial sensors used in consumer, automotive and industrial applications.
Magnetic Field Generator for Sensor Calibration
The MSU10 provides a 1mT 3-dimensional magnetic field with excellent accuracy and homogeneity. The unit can be implemented in all Afore wafer and frame probing platforms.
Cryogenic Wafer Prober
Unique solution that enables automated probing of up to 300mm wafers in sub 2K temperature.

Automotive Grade Strip Level Inertial Sensor Calibration

The APOLLON is a tri-temp strip level test system especially designed for high-end automotive MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer testing.

Rate Table For Inertial Sensor Calibration
The flexible METIS rate-table test system is designed for a wide variety of test applications from laboratory use to mid-volume production testing of motion sensors.
Afore offers a wide range of services for our customers all around the world.