Afore and Spirox announced Strategic Cooperation in Greater China Market

Announcing the Alliance of SPIROX and AFORE to jointly enter the Greater China market
[2019/3/22 Shanghai News] Optimistic about the future Chinese market in the investment and development of 5G and automotive electronics segment, Finnish brand AFORE Oy which focuses on micro-electromechanical (MEMS) product testing equipment, is announcing its entrance into the Greater Chinese market in collaboration with SPIROX, a professional brand of semiconductor test solutions, so as to provide customers with more comprehensive and complete test solutions.
Established more than 20 years ago, AFORE specializes in integrating MEMS components such as pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, hygrometers, gas sensors, and inertial sensors. From wafer level to packaged products, it can provide test equipment that meets customer needs through high-precision product testing at low cost and high output, for both Automotive electronics or consumer electronics.
AFORE has been focusing on the changes brought about by advanced packaging technology for sensor manufacturing, and thus able to provide the only unique wafer-level test equipment that allows customers to test in the advanced packaging process such as chip-scale packaging (CSP which help to keep the overall test cost low. In addition, AFORE is a active advocate for automatic driving, has constantly invested in the field of automotive electronic testing equipment. For example, AFORE's tri-temperature strip sorting equipment is also one of the commonly used equipment for automotive electronic testing, leveraging on AFORE’s technical strength on great precision testing.

AFORE Sales Director Ari Kuukkala shared that China used to be an important world factory in the past, but in recent years, it has begun to actively develop its own brands and products. For AFORE, China is no longer just a place for equipment sales and installation, but also an important customer in the semiconductor market. This is also the key for  AFORE to cooperate with SPIROX. SPIROX is well known for their professional services, as well as their deep geographical and personal connections. It has close relationship with customers and is a very trusted team working with the customers in Greater China. It is believed that SPIROX will be able to bridge AFORE’s products to the Greater China market and have a strong hold in it.