Afore Kronos

Kronos is a handler for testing motion sensors in wafers, in diced wafers or singulated components placed on tape. The use of tape frame leads to high flexibility: product change time is very short and change cost low. Therefore Kronos is also an attractive alternative for small series testing or prototype product testing. However, with the possibility for high parallelism, “on fly” needle cleaning and automatic wafer load system Kronos is an ideal solution for high volume production. Zero jam rate guarantees continuous operation.

Intelligent structure of Kronos enables testing of sensors in any orientation and also on the move. Low-g accelerometers are stimulated by turning the handler axis into desired orientation. Infinite turning range, in both turning axis, makes Kronos incomparatible for testing of gyroscopes. As soon as it reaches the desired yaw rate, all the products in the wafer or on the tape can be tested in constant yaw rate. No stops are needed for indexing the contacts. Yaw rates up to 750 deg/s are applicable.

Kronos is easy to use. The control system has several features which help customer to adopt Kronos to production. A new product type is taught with step by step – procedure. Uplooking camera helps operator to align probecard and define 1st pin position. Theta alignment is done automatically after every wafer/tape frame load. Enhanced active alignment system ensures successful contacts in every step.