WLCSP sensors

The wafer level packaged (WL-CSP, CSP, FO-WLP) sensors will take over the market in certain application fields such as in consumer MEMS due to small size and lower price requirements. AFORE predicted early this market shift and has for years invested into R&D of MEMS wafer level testing. AFORE is a real pioneer in wafer level testing - the first system was delivered already in 1998.

AFORE offers two test cell concepts for WLCSP MEMS testing in wafer or diced wafer form:

KRONOS – Inertial sensors and magnetometers

AIOLOS -  Pressure and Environmental sensors

Related products

AIOLOS - Wafer level test handler for environmental sensors with with physical stimulus.
Vacuum probing, pressure probing, gas probing, humidity probing - AIOLOS is solution for these and much more.
KRONOS - Wafer level test handler for 6/9DOF sensors with real stimulus.