Cryogenic wafer prober

The Cryogenic Wafer Prober is a unique system for wafer-level testing of cryogenic quantum devices, electronics, and detectors. It is a probing solution for up to 12” wafers enabling testing in sub-2K temperatures.

The system provides a means for fast sample characterization with a throughput up to 100 times faster than commonly used cryogenic chambers as well as the possibility for volume probing of entire 300mm wafers.

Together with Afore’s low-temp probe cards our unique active alignment system allows users to locate and contact devices automatically anywhere on the wafer.

A modern and intuitive user interface provides direct control and full overview. The 4 servo-controlled axes of the probe station can be switched off during measurements to minimize electronic noise.

The load lock system allows fast wafer change in cryogenic temperatures.  

The system was developed as a cooperation between Afore and Bluefors, the Finnish company for “dry” cryogenic cooling.